Vertical Blinds

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Classic & Sophisticated Blinds

A vertical blind is a ​cover for a ​window made of ​vertical ​strips of ​stiff ​cloth or ​plastic that can be ​moved in ​order to ​change the ​amount of ​light that is ​allowed in.


Vertical blinds offer the most inexpensive way of decorating your window at home. Since the vertical blinds can be easily found in a variety of designs and fabrics, they seem more appropriate to be used as one is always assured of having blinds, which sync with their home décor. Contrary to the popular belief that they are tasteless and boring, one will certainly be pleased to realise that the vertical blinds actually come in spontaneous colors that can change the home aura.


Additionally, vertical blinds offer the best answer for patio doors and very large windows. Rather than having to deal with several meters of curtains, you could save yourself the headache and find vertical blinds for your home. If you think that the vertical blinds appear too formal and outdated, there are faux wood vertical blinds that add a splash of nature to the home as well as the smooth PVC blinds in case you are looking for something more subtle. These blinds actually provide a variety of options to choose from.


What really makes these blinds popular with homeowners is the ease of cleaning them when they get dirty. Having vertical slats definitely implies that dust and all other particles are kept at bay. However, once the vertical blinds get soiled, it may get a little difficult to clean them off the blinds. Either way, these slats can be easily detached making it less difficult to work on them.


Finally, possessing a vertical blind implies you have complete control of the quantity of light which gets inside the house. Using a chain tilt and a cord draw, controlling these slats becomes easy so as to make sure that light enters just as you want it to.