How to Choose Your Bedroom Window Dressing

Your bedroom is the private place that can be used only for relaxing or for reading books and watching TV during the day or before bedtime. That’s why you should choose the perfect window dressing that will match your needs and the room functions.

Choosing the perfect window dressing for your bedroom is not a difficult task, but you will need to think carefully to be satisfied with the result. You will need first to define the functions of your bedroom and the level of privacy you need to create. For example, if you are living in a first floor bedroom or in an urban area, you will need blackout curtains. The style and number of windows in the room will help you choose the right color and design of your bedroom window dressing.

Now, you should define your available budget to search in a certain range of fabrics and options. The perfect measurements will be decided according to the style of the curtain, but you are recommended to choose a floor to ceiling curtain to keep your privacy, control the temperature and light coming to the room,and provide the place an elegant look.

You may need to insulate the outdoor noise and cold or heat using certain techniques to create a relaxing and comfortable feel in the room.

You have different options to the fabrics and designs of your bedroom window treatment, and you will need to choose what will be suitable for you. The heavy sleek or traditional fabrics will be ideal to block out the light; especially at the morning. Instead, you can choose a window with a blind between glass, a panel blind, Venetian blind, pleated blind, cellular shade, mini-blind, or wooden blind according to your budget and bedroom design.

If you are still unsure on the type of window treatments you would like and would like to speak to experienced professionals, call us on 0909 810 803 (English Speakers) or 0909 810 308 (Vietnamese Speakers). We are here to help.


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