5 Things You Need to Know When Choosing Curtains

Choosing the types of blinds or curtains for your windows is not as easy as it seems. Curtains are part of your house décor and should be considered as important as any other piece of furniture. I believe that most of us lack the necessary knowledge on choosing curtains and that is the reason behind the disastrous look our curtains give to our rooms. Here is how to choose curtains:

1- Learn the right measurement for your curtains. First, measure the width of your window and multiply it by three. This is to make sure that the curtains will completely cover your window and that there will be no gaps when you want to block off the light.

2- The purpose of your curtains is also important. Firstly you need to know what do you want your curtains for? Is it just for decorating your room? Blocking off light, dirt and sound? Or even blocking off the hot and cold temperature? If it is just decorating your windows then choose something light and semi-transparent. Other purposes however, need other types of materials.

3- The material also plays a major part in choosing curtains. It effects how long your curtains should be and where to hang them. Silky curtain fabrics have a sheen that gives your curtain their best look when they are hung longer. Therefore, they are good for formal places like a dining room. Cotton and other practical materials give you a relaxing look suitable for more homey places.

4- The patterns and designs of your curtain fabric are important. If your overall room look is solid looking and pattern-less, then you could choose a fabric with rich patterns to accentuate your room decor a bit.

5- Choose the perfect fixtures for your windows. There are fixtures designed to give your curtain a cozy laid-back look. However, curtains with a pocket for a rod give your curtains a sleek classy look.

Choosing the right type of curtains might seem unimportant and easy at first. However, when you are faced with how many materials and patterns you could choose, you will learn that knowing how to choose right is necessary.


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