Ripplefold Curtain

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Modern & Stylish Curtains

Ripplefold curtains are a flat panel of fabric made wider than the window (1.5, 2, 2.5 times) to create fullness. On the back of the panel, snap tape is sewn. Not traditional curtain hooks! It’s a strip with snap buttons attached. Ripple fold curtains can be hung on a track or a rod. Ripplefold curtains have an amazing look, they look good in any room setting from traditional, classic, modern to minimalist.


Benefits to ripplefold drapes:


-No matter how many times you change your look, this style will stand the test of time. It is simple, clean, timeless and gorgeous!


-These curtains stack less than a pleated style. Where there are pleats, there’s bulk, which means you lose valuable window space. If you are looking to maximize your viewing area, then this is no doubt the curtain for you.


-Ripplefold curtains show off the curtain fabric. More pattern and colour is visible through this style rather than lost in the folds of a pleat.


-Heavier weights of fabrics can also be used and will fall nicely with this style. Some heavy weight fabrics are just too thick to be used in a pleated style.