Eyelet Curtain

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Artistic & Practical Curtains

Eyelet curtains are sleek looking curtains with large rings sewn into the top of the curtain about every 15cm, they are easy to hang, simply just thread them onto a pole or rod and its down.


You will find that eyelet curtains are so easy that the measurement does not need to be exact. In fact the nature of the curtain means that two panels, 140cm each, can suit a window from as small as 60cm wide all the way up to a 200cm window. When the eyelet curtain is thread onto the rod, you can just bunch it up to suit the width. 

Ease of hanging is not the only benefit with these curtains, another benefit is how easy they are to wash. Just lift your rod off the bracket and slide them off. An eyelet curtain, is basically a large flat piece of fabric, making them super easy to iron after washing. It is these eyelets, or rings, sewn into the top that gives them the lovely, wave-like look.

What makes eyelet curtains so popular is the price. They are an affordable solution for decorating your windows in style. Layer them up with sheers or blinds and presto its done! 


It's no surprise that eyelet curtains have become a home decorator's dream decor item. They look stylish, are affordable, simple to hang and easy to wash and maintain.