October 2, 2017

Your bedroom is the private place that can be used only for relaxing or for reading books and watching TV during the day or before bedtime. That’s why you should choose the perfect window dressing that will match your needs and the room functions.

Choosing the perfect window dressing for your bedroom is not a difficult task, but you will need to think carefully to be satisfied with the result. You will need first to define the functions of your bedroom and the level of privacy you need to create. For example, if you are living in a first floor bedroom or in an urban area, you will need blackout curtains. The style and number of windows in the room will help you choose the right color and design of your bedroom window dressing.

Now, you should define your available budget to search in a certain range of fabrics and options. The perfect measurements will be decided according to the style of the curtain, but you are recommended to choose a floor to ceiling curt...

September 25, 2017

Curtains add character to your living room, a well chosen curtain will easily make your living room look glamorous and heart capturing, while a wrong curtain can spoil the overall look of your living room and look out of place. It is important therefore, that before you decide on what curtains is best suited for your living room, you will need to take into account: (1) the style of your living room, (2) the color of the walls, (3) the height of the windows, and (4) the type of other fabrics in your living room.

There are certain basic facts that needs to be considered when choosing the type of curtains that you wish to install for your living room. One such consideration is on the functionality of the curtain. Ask yourself these questions: Do you want privacy? Do you want to block out sunlight and outside view? Or would you like your room to feel airy and fresh and you do not mind letting in the sunlight?

Another element to consider is which type of fabric will suit your needs the most?...

September 16, 2016

Curtains add a finishing touch to any living room or bedroom, yet they can often be overlooked until the spring clean comes around simply because it’s hard to know where to start.

To help, we’ve put together this guide on how to wash curtains of all types, including heavy fabrics that may need special care. With regular care, washing curtains needn’t be a chore.

When to turn to the washing machine

People often ask ‘can you machine wash curtains?’ The answer is yes, but only in some cases. Many curtains will have a washing label, so try to find this and read the manufacturer’s advice before you proceed. These instructions will show you the best way to wash curtains and let you know if it is safe to pop them into the washing machine, and at what temperature.

If in doubt, lightweight fabrics which won’t retain much water, such as cotton, are usually fine to wash in the washing machine with your usual laundry detergent. Choose a ‘delicates’ cycle, or a cool wash on a slower spin cycle.

If you w...

April 25, 2016

Bedroom curtains come in numerous designs and serve essential purposes. Different bedrooms use curtains for different reasons. For instance, bedrooms with big, transparent windows with a view on the neighbors need curtains to ensure privacy. Bedrooms with windows that allow too much sunlight in need curtains to moderate the entry of light. Moreover, all bedrooms can use pleasant curtains designs to accentuate the bedrooms overall decorations.

No matter what the reason for using bedroom curtains is, it is important to choose the bedroom curtains design wisely. Otherwise, you will either get stuck with a design that you don’t like or spend more time and money to replace the curtains. The choice of the bedroom curtains design must depend on both the role the curtains play and the suitability of the design with the rest of the bedroom. Also keep in mind that the size and shape of the windows also play a role in determining the bedroom curtains design.

Once the bedroom is already fu...

April 8, 2016


Choosing the types of blinds or curtains for your windows is not as easy as it seems. Curtains are part of your house décor and should be considered as important as any other piece of furniture. I believe that most of us lack the necessary knowledge on choosing curtains and that is the reason behind the disastrous look our curtains give to our rooms. Here is how to choose curtains:


1- Learn the right measurement for your curtains. First, measure the width of your window and multiply it by three. This is to make sure that the curtains will completely cover your window and that there will be no gaps when you want to block off the light.


2- The purpose of your curtains is also important. Firstly you need to know what do you want your curtains for? Is it just for decorating your room? Blocking off light, dirt and sound? Or even blocking off the hot and cold temperature? If it is just decorating your windows then choose something light and semi-transparent. Other purposes however...

March 30, 2016

Do you want to make a room in your house look fresh with a whole new look? One of the most affordable and quickest ways to do so is adding or changing curtains. Curtains make a huge difference.

Choosing Colors

  • Warm shades of reds, yellows, and pinks add life to a quiet room.

  • Cool colors such as grey, white, and blue give the room a soft look.

  • Green and browns add a pleasing earth tone.

The key is to pick the colors that make you feel good and also maybe try complementing the other colors     already in the room.



Curtain Length

  • Longer curtains will visually lengthen a window and add perceived height.

  • Curtains that drape to the floor give the room a more formal touch.

  • Shorter curtains to the sill give the room a casual feel. Generally found in a kitchen.



Light Control

  • To soften and filter the incoming light, choose laces or sheers, which produce a wonderful effect, and work well if you are layering fabrics.

  • To block out light, try a lin...

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October 2, 2017

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